four female models all wearing pink and white headscarf's with matching coloured tops. Two are wearing blue and silver metallic dresses overtop

2018 - #Transform18

female walking catwalk, wearinga purple iridescent jacket with pink and red frills, a white bralette and a light pink velvet mini skirt

female walking catwalk, wearing an open shoulder iridescent purple top with ruched sleeves and a dark purple corset style high waisted trousers

male walking runway, wearing a purple and green printed top with a black and green striped jacket, which has cropped sleeves white flow from the elbow in a black satin

woman walking runway, wearing a beige satin top with brown ruched long sleeves, a brown corset tied in front with a light blue ribbon and ruched loose light blue velvet trousers

Degree Show 2018

student posing in a weave shed, wearing a red and white pinstripe shirt with a large brown leather belt

female standing in dark tunnel, wearing a light grey waterproof jacket with yellow patches on sides

model posing in front of wall, wearing a sleeveless navy jumpsuit that is tied at the shoulders and waist with orange bows

model posing in weave shed, wearing a wearing a black wet-look shirt which is ruched at one side and has oversized sleeves