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Our Vision

Our pursuit of research excellence has been guided by a set of core values and key principles:

To undertake research that addresses significant global challenges with the aim of developing increased future resilience

To seek partnerships that can help to address complex interconnected challenges leading to genuine and beneficial impact on society and industry

To provide a supportive research community and encourage career development based on equality and diversity

Dr Lisa MacIntyre operating the Pressure Garment Design Tool

Medical Compression

Dr Macintyre specialises in pressure garments and invented the Pressure Garment Design Tool, which can be used to calculate the garment dimensions required to deliver your choice of mean pressure to different body dimensions. 

This tool is used by specialist pressure garment companies internationally to make their bespoke pressure garments and was recently trialled for use in hospitals. The tool makes the process of making pressure garments simpler, and also facilitates the gathering of data, contributing to creating a body of evidence for what does (and doesn’t) work in compression treatment.  

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"Working on a research project at the school has enabled me to get my first job in research and development. Although, I also feel that when looking at job specifications, studying at the School of Textiles and Design has given me the skills needed to get a job in the industry I want. They are also very encouraging in further studies and I am currently getting amazing support to apply for Doctorate"

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