Professional Talent Development

Unlock Your Workforce's Potential with Online Learning  

At Heriot-Watt we recognise that organisations are facing skills gaps with an ongoing need for professional development across all areas of the business. 

Upskilling, retraining and investing in staff development can deliver huge impact on business performance, productivity and retention, mitigating talent shortages and skills gaps in key roles. 

Incorporating high-quality, post-graduate learning into a mix of talent development will ensure your organisation has the best to offer in recruiting, retaining and rewarding top talent.  

Partnering with Heriot-Watt Online will give your team global access to our online MBA and MSc programmes offering a unique key to unlocking the potential within your organisation. 

Online Learning - The best of both worlds

Studying while working enables learners to embed their new knowledge into their roles immediately.  Our internationally recognised post-graduate degree programmes are designed to be fully flexible, enabling learners to study at a time and place that suits them. Supported by academic staff, independent distance learning tutors and student success advisors, employed learners have the same access to all that an on-campus programme provides. 

Our links with industry and professional bodies mean that our curriculum is in line with current best practice and our online learners have access to a library of interactive resources, expert industry insights and a worldwide community of like-minded professionals. 

Partnering with Heriot-Watt Online will give global teams access the same high-quality online MBA and MSc programmes, enabling your organisation to: 

  • Upskill staff to address skills deficits and knowledge gaps 
  • Accelerate career progression for new starts and future leaders 
  • Enable transition from technical roles to management with leadership development  

Become a Heriot-Watt Online Business Partner and gain access to a wealth of added-value services and preferential pricing. Contact our Business Partnerships team today to learn more about how Heriot-Watt Online is the right choice for your organisation – email 

Why Heriot-Watt?

  • 200-year history of building advanced skills and qualifications with an international reputation for STEM and business education
  • 20 years' experience delivering distance learning and online Master’s degrees to over 150,000 graduates worldwide 
  • Globally connected university with 5 physical campuses and online community of 10,000 learners across 160 countries  
  • Faculty of globally renowned academics, researchers and industry experts 
  • Rigorous, research-informed, industry-aligned learning to build powerful skill sets and expertise 
  • Courses and learning outcomes address contemporary challenges facing business, society, environment, industry and individuals 

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