Go Global/Campus Transfer

You will be able to apply for accommodation when you receive your final approval for transfer (July) – for more details you can contact our Go Global team.

If you are a permanent transfer or coming for full academic year (not a single semester) and apply before the closing 24 July 2023 you are guaranteed an offer of accommodation.

You will be asked to select your first and second room preference and we try our best to offer you these. However, in some cases this is not possible if the room type is fully booked. Inevitably, some room types are more popular than others.

Please Note:

Our contracts are fixed term for an academic year with a start and end date.

There is no option of cancellation after you moved in or extension after the end date.

The contract terms and conditions are set and not negotiable. You can decline the offer should you wish. Please note that we can only make one offer of accommodation. Any other offer is only subject to availability.

Payment of accommodation fee/4 week advance rent fee is only possible once you have applied and accepted your offer of accommodation, transferring pre-calculated amount of money will not secure your accommodation. The Advance rent fee is not a deposit, it is a 4 week advance rent payment that is deducted from your accommodation total amount once you have arrived.

Please secure your accommodation and Visa prior to any travels arrangements. Arrival onto campus must be pre booked during the accommodation online induction process. 

Accommodation related queries

For accommodation related queries please contact the Accommodation team.