Postgraduate tuition fees

If you are looking for the tuition fee for your course, you will find these in the 'Fees and funding' tab of individual postgraduate programmes.

Who pays tuition fees?

How and when you pay tuition fees depends on where you’re from.

If you are unsure which category you fall in to, you should complete a fee status enquiry form, which allows us to assess your fees. Tuition fees are higher for international students, and the form enables the University to assess whether you have a relevant connection to the UK that might positively influence your fee status. Guidance notes on applying for student support are available on the UKCISA website.

UK students

Applicants resident in Scotland may apply for tuition fee support from the Students Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS). A loan entitlement of £10,000 is available for all eligible one-year full-time postgraduate students. This comprises of a tuition fee loan of up to £5,500 and a non-income assessed living cost loan of £4,500.

Part-time students undertaking a course over two years can apply for a tuition fee loan of up to £2,750 a year.

Postgraduate Loan (PGL) for Master's study

The Government will provide a loan of up to £10,000 per student for postgraduate Master's study.

Postgraduate Loans may be available to UK Nationals (and individuals with settled status in the UK) who have been ordinarily resident in the UK and Islands for three years on the first day of the first academic year of their course.

Learn more about the Postgraduate Loan.

EU students

September 2021 entry

The UK voted to leave the European Union in 2016, and officially withdrew from the EU on 31 January 2020. This will have an impact of tuition fee arrangements for EU students enrolling from September 2021; most EU students will pay the same fees as other international students. For further information, please see our information for EU applicants.

International students

International students should refer to the fee information for their chosen degree in the first instance.

Payment of deposit

A deposit of £4,000 is normally payable to secure your place. However, because of the pandemic, we recognise that access to banks for some international students may be difficult.

We will therefore accept an initial payment of £1,000 to secure your place, but please note that the balance of £3,000 must be paid before we can issue you with a CAS letter, which you will need in order to apply for a visa.

This deposit is normally non-refundable. However, the University recognises that in the current situation, financial circumstances may change for applicants and those supporting them. Deposits are therefore refundable at this time if you can demonstrate that a significant change in your circumstances has meant that you need to withdraw your application to study.

Whilst we encourage payment in full at the start of the academic year, the remaining tuition fee can be paid in six equal instalments after you have registered at the University.

How much are the tuition fees?

Students at Scottish universities pay a flat rate tuition fee for each year of their programme. Tuition fees are different for each programme; please refer to the 'Fees and funding' tab for your chosen degree.

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How do I pay tuition fees?

If you are paying your own tuition fees, you can use our Online Payments system.

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