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Edinburgh Business School ranked 1st in Scotland and 4th in UK for marketing in the National Student Survey 2020. Our degree is characterised by three themes which will prepare you for a marketing career of the future - global, digital and sustainable.



The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) accredited MA (Hons) Marketing degree at Heriot-Watt University’s Edinburgh Business School is designed to develop key knowledge and skills related to professional marketing practices. 

The courses you take on this degree will provide you with the platform to thrive in both academic study and the professional practice of marketing. 

Your learning will focus on three central themes that we believe will be key for future marketing professionals: 
•    Global marketing
•    Digital marketing 
•    Sustainable marketing

Teaching on MA (Hons) Marketing is led by our internationally respected faculty who bring marketing theory to life by drawing on their own cutting-edge research and industry experience, and by sharing best practice from business case studies. This approach ensures that everything you learn reflects the current marketing landscape in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing contexts.

In Year 1 you will study the established suite of courses form Edinburgh Business School’s common first year and gain an understanding of important areas of modern business, including Management, Accounting and Finance, and Economics and Marketing. 

As your studies progress through Years 2, 3 and 4, you will study an increasing number of specialist marketing courses.

MA Marketing is part of the CIM Graduate Gateway Programme; meaning that when you complete our degree you gain a professional body qualification. The degree was developed against the CIM professional award criteria and upon completion you will gain CIM accreditation. 

Specialist marketing courses

Leading academics from Edinburgh Business School have worked with business leaders to craft six exciting new marketing courses to ensure your learning is future proofed, and which align with the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s accreditation criteria.

Global Strategic Marketing

This course teaches strategic marketing techniques for a global context. You will learn how to conduct competitor analysis, market segmentation, forecasting, and product portfolio analysis.

Marketing Insights

This course will teach you how to conduct and analyse market research, and gain useful insights for specific business situations. You will explore the processes and methods of data collection and understand the techniques and applications used to analyse data and gain insights.

Responsible Marketing

On this course you will assess the tensions and complexities in marketing and consumer behaviour, and examine the current debates around the benefits, harms and unintentional consequences of marketing and consumer actions today, with a core focus on sustainability.


On this course you will explore the theory of brands and branding You will assess how branding theories are applied in marketing strategies and learn to take a strategic approach to branding. 

Future Issues in Marketing

On this course you will learn to assess and identify emerging global market trends and utilise a toolkit of marketing theory and principles to scrutinise these trends.

Digital Analytics for Marketing 

On this course you will examine how digital analytics inform search engine marketing strategy and website design. We will demonstrate how analytics tools work and how they can be applied to monitor marketing performance. 

Marketing project

As part of this degree, you will spend time working in the marketing industry and put your developing knowledge into practice to gain further understanding that will be beneficial to your future career.

We have designed the MA Marketing at Edinburgh Business School with your future Marketing or Business career in mind. Our degree features several innovative marketing courses that tackle topics and trends faced by Marketing professionals right now as well as prepare you for future challenges. Contemporary subjects such as Responsible Marketing, Marketing Insights and Data Analytics for Marketing are taught alongside core Marketing essentials such as Branding and Consumer Behaviour, intrinsic to the learning of any professional marketer.

When I teach Responsible Marketing I draw on my global research into marketing and sustainability. I will be looking forward to talking with you about the complexities and tensions that businesses and consumers face as they navigate challenges such as climate change, digital landscapes and fast-evolving business models. My approach is to help you understand the importance of this topic, whilst equipping you with the practical skills to deliver responsible marketing in practice.

Marylyn Carrigan; Professor of Marketing and Sustainability


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MA Marketing is part of the CIM Graduate Gateway Programme, meaning that when you complete our degree you gain a professional qualification. The degree was developed against the CIM professional award criteria and upon completion you will gain CIM accreditation.  

Course content

In Year One you will study the established suite of courses form Edinburgh Business School’s common first year and gain an understanding of important areas of modern business, including: Management, Accounting and Finance, Economics and Marketing. 

As your studies progress through Years Two, Three and Four, you will study an increasing number of specialist marketing courses, many of which are new for 2021.

Year 1

Semester 1

  • Introduction to Marketing (new for 2021)    
  • Management in a global context OR Intro to Business 
  • Introduction to Accountancy and Finance    
  • Introduction to Economics

Semester 2

  • Business Project 1 (innovation and problem solving)   
  • Business Project 2 (innovation and problem solving)    
  • Professional Skills    
  • Academic Skills

Year 2

Semester 1

  • Business Skills 1 (Quantitative Methods 1)
  • Fundamentals of Marketing  
  • Human Resource Management
  • Consumer Behaviour 

Semester 2

  • Business Skills 2
  • Management Accounting in Organisations
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Elective choice from across the Edinburgh Business School

Year 3

Semester 1

  • Global Strategic Marketing 
  • Digital Analytics for Marketing 
  • Responsible Marketing (new for 2021)
  • Project Management or Marketing Insights 

Semester 2

  • Business Research methods
  • Integrated Marketing Comms
  • Marketing Project (new for 2021)    
  • Marketing and Consumer Law or Innovation Management 

Year 4

Semester 1

  • Dissertation/Project    
  • Future Issues in Marketing 
  • Leisure Marketing 
  • Retail Marketing or Elective from across the Edinburgh Business School degrees

Semester 2

  • Dissertation/Project    
  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Marketing and Management of SMEs or Marketing Sustainability


Managerial/professional position

  • 60% of those working are in a professional/managerial position six months after graduating.


  • The average salary of students six months after graduating: £24000
  • The average UK salary of students six months after graduating from a similar course: £21000


These are the most common jobs students go into six months after graduating:

Business and public service associate professionals in industries such as marketing agencies, digital media agencies, PR, corporate comms, retail, leisure, third sector, creative industries and events management.

Entry requirements

Year 1

Standard entry requirements
  • Highers AABB (over two sittings)
  • A-Levels BBC
  • Int. Baccalaureate 29 points
  • BTEC DDM (Business preferred)
  • HNC B in graded unit (Business preferred)
  • HND BB 

Minimum entry requirements*

  • Highers BBBC
  • A-Levels BCC

* Minimum: under our Fair Access Policy, we will relax our standard entry requirements for Scottish students depending on their circumstances. Our minimum requirements will apply if you:

  • live in an area within the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation lowest 20% (SIMD20), or
  • are care experienced.

We can also make exceptions for some Scottish students with grades above minimum but below standard. Read more about our Minimum and standard entry requirements

Year 2

  • Advanced Highers BB including one of Accounting, Business, Economics or Maths, plus AAAB at Higher
  • A-Levels ABB including one of Accountancy, Business, Economics or Maths
  • Int. Baccalaureate 34 points (with Higher Level Business at 5)
  • HNC A in graded unit (Business)
  • HND BB in graded units (Business)
  • BTEC DDD (Business-related subjects preferred)

Year 3

  • HND AA in graded units (Business)

Additional information

English language requirements

  • If English is not your first language, you have to demonstrate that your English language ability is strong enough to succeed on your course. Please refer to our English language requirements.


Tuition fees for 2020 entry (by residency status)
Status* Scotland / EU** England / Northern Ireland / Wales*** International
Fee Paid by SAAS £9,250 £15,080

* Your residency 'status' is usually defined as the country where you have been ordinarily resident for the three years before the start of your course. Find out more about tuition fees.

** European Union countries (not including England, Northern Ireland or Wales).

*** 'Rest of the UK' (RUK) students entering at Level 1 receive a fee waiver of one year's tuition fee. Normally this will be the final year, or a year during which students study abroad (either at a partnership institution, or at one of Heriot-Watt's overseas campuses).

4 years for the price of 3

If you live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, study with us and save £9,250 over your 4-year degree.

Additional costs

You may incur additional costs in the course of your studies at Heriot-Watt over and above tuition fees in an academic year. Depending on your programme of study, these may include: protective equipment, field trips, professional memberships, studio fees, required course texts or other study resources.

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