Paying your tuition fees

All students have to pay tuition fees for their study. Your tuition fees will be paid by:

  • you (this is called self-financing)
  • a sponsor organisation (for example, your employer)
  • a funding body.

Tuition fees paid by a sponsor or funding body

  • If any of your tuition fees are being paid by a sponsoring organisation or funder, you must send the letter from your sponsor or funder that confirms this to Until the University has this letter you are liable for paying all your fees yourself.
  • If only some of your fees are being paid by a sponsoring organisation of funder you must pay the rest of your fees yourself.
  • If you are funded or sponsored, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have applied for funding or sponsorship for each year of your study.


If you are a self-financing student, you must pay all your fees yourself.

There are several ways to pay by referring to Mode of Payment.

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