Management profiles
Person Role
Professor Beatrice Pelloni Head of School and Chair of Athena Swan Action Group
Stephen Gill Associate Head of School (Dubai)
Dr Alistair Wallis  Associate Head of School (Malaysia)
Professor Damian Clancy Head of Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics
Professor Ekaterina Komendantskaya Head of Computer Science (Research)
Dr Hind Zantout Head of Computer Science (Teaching)
Professor Robert Weston Head of Mathematics
Jenny Coady Director of Learning and Teaching
Professor Anastasia Doikou Director of Research
Claire Porter Operations Manager
Robbie McArthur Finance Manager
Dr Tessa Berg Director of Academic Quality
Prof Fairouz Kamareddine Director of Internationalisation
Dr Patricia Vargas Director of Ethics
Professor Christian Saemann Director of PGR Studies
Professor Bernd Shroers Co-Director of the Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Dr Marcelo Pereyra Early Career Forum Representative