Pola, Jackson

Project Title

Simulation of Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery in Naturally Fractured Carbonates Reservoirs


Jackson is analysing and quantifying on parameters affecting incremental oil recovery during chemical EOR in fractured carbonate reservoirs to develop effective upscaling models for chemical EOR in fractured reservoirs. The specific aims of this project are three-fold:

  1.  investigating how efficiently oil can be recovered from the carbonate rock matrix during chemical EOR, particularly when chemical processes change wettability.
  2. effective models will be developed that allow us to upscale the physio-chemical processes that drive fracture-matrix flow processes during chemical EOR in carbonate reservoirs to the grid block scale; these models will also consider geological heterogeneities.
  3. implementing these models into MRST to demonstrate their applicability to large-scale reservoir simulations.


Professor Sebastian Geiger & Professor Eric Mackay


Email: Jap3@hw.ac.uk