Funded Research Opportunities

Open for applications
Reference Project title Closing date
JWS2022-SG Numerical study of biological and geochemical reactions during hydrogen storage in subsurface porous media
JWS2022-MB Design Standardization of 3D Concrete Printing for Unreinforced Low-Rise Buildings
EGIS2022-CDT2 The Critical Geological Evaluation of low carbon energy options in the West Shetlands area of the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS)
JWS2022-JH Improving building sustainability using Data Mining and Machine Learning technologies
JWS2022-OL Monitoring and modelling of ground vibration activity from onshore and offshore wind farms
JWS2022-CC Power extraction from resonant wave energy systems
JWS2022-SM Modelling ground borne vibrations using efficient finite elements
JWS2022-SJ1 Housing-led responses to homelessness and complex needs in rural areas
JWS2022-RW Healthy ageing, intersectionality and place
JWS2022-SJ2 Combatting social isolation experienced by formerly homeless people
JWS2022-SP Application of Hybrid Machine Learning (ML) approaches for analysis of reinforced concrete (RC) structures
JWS2022-RR Acoustic analysis of the internal drainage in high rise buildings
JWS2022-SF Preventing homelessness: taking a more systematic analytical approach
JWS2022-IP Upscaling Household Level Nature-Based Solutions to the City Scale to Mitigate Surface Water Flood Risk.
JWS2022-NH Urban transportation challenges: Impact on economic growth, transport energy consumption and environment quality.
JWS2022-AF Multiphase Flow and Cyclic Hysteresis Phenomena during Hydrogen Storage in Saline Aquifers and Depleted Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
JWS2022-MT Gender-disproportionate crises impacts on women: strengthening resilience through the sustainable livelihoods approach
JWS2022-ILES PhD Scholarships in the Institute of Life and Earth Sciences
EGIS2022-CDT1 Analysis of Seismic Monitoring for CO2 Storage in Depleted Offshore Reservoirs
JWS2022-GM Assessment and implementation of circular economy in construction moving towards net zero and beyond
JWS2022-GG Big Data for Big Decisions – Application of Predictive Data Analytics for Front-end Decision-making in Transportation Megaprojects
EGIS2022-CDT3 Data-driven Imaging for Uncertainty Risk Evaluation of CO2 Storage in Saline Aquifers
JWS2022-LJ Data-driven methods, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) for decarbonising energy and water use in buildings
JWS2022-GN Intersectionality, access and participation in urban environments
JWS2022-SA Driving the Urban Water Cycle to Net Zero
JWS2022-BW Frontline welfare work and ethical labour in homelessness services
EGIS2021-CM3 4D Seismic Inversion for Quantitative Interpretation - Edinburgh Time-Lapse Project (ETLP)
EGIS2022-GN Investigating the Online Service Experiences of Ethnic Minority Women