Funded Research Opportunities

Current PhD opportunities
Reference Project title Closing date
EGIS2024-MG Pathogen Aerosolization and Detection in Building Wastewater System Fluid Dynamics 2024-04-30
EGIS2024-CI Unlocking the Potential: Recycling Mine Tailings for Regenerative Sustainability in Cementitious Construction Materials 2024-04-15
EGIS2024-DW Fully Funded EPSRC PhD Scholarship in improving the accessibility of offshore wind infrastructure in hostile environments 2024-04-26
EGIS2024-JM Numerical modelling of multiphase flow and reactive transport in porous materials 2024-04-26
ECOWILD-IP Role of ditch networks in agricultural landscapes to mitigate flooding and diffuse pollution 2024-04-29
ECOWILD-FO Investigating the impacts of environmentally relevant environmental stressor combinations on freshwater snails inhabiting mini-wetlands 2024-04-29
ECOWILD-AL Impact of multi-stressors on seagrass seed germination and survival: implications for natural bed dynamics and restoration programmes 2024-04-29
ECOWILD-DG STRESSORS: Monitoring and Assessment of Urban Nature-based Solutions 2024-04-29
EGIS2024-SPK2 Novel approaches to design and building of digital infrastructures for energy transition (Orkney campus) 2024-04-30
EGIS2024-RA Mitigating the impact of environmental stress on the quality and sustainability of malting barley 2024-04-30
EGIS2024-SPK1 Transition Engineering Lab on the Housing Ecosystem. The Problem of Finding an Affordable, Decent Place to Live, within a Net Zero Community. A breakthrough in the accelerated transition of cities to net zero, thriving environments. 2024-04-30