Many of the University leased flats are suitable for couples and families, but it depends on whether your partner wishes to work:

  • If your partner, spouse or family will either be a student or a student dependant, then you would be eligible to stay in a Heriot-Watt University leased flat.
  • If your partner or spouse wishes to work, then we are unable to house you in a leased flat due to council tax implications in our student residences. (As a full-time registered student or dependant you are exempt from council tax.)

Alternatively, you will be able to find accommodation in the private rented accommodation and your partner or spouse will be able to work if they wish. Please ensure that you budget for the council tax that your spouse or partner will be liable to pay.

If you are coming to Edinburgh with your family, we recommend that you come on your own first so you can secure accommodation suitable for your family before they arrive. This will allow the time needed to find the right area and property to meet your family’s needs.

Schools & nurseries

If you have school-age children, you can find information on local schools and nurseries on the Edinburgh City Council website.

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