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Years 1 and 2 provide a foundation in modern biology, including: Ecology; Pollution Biology; and Man’s Impact on the Environment. Year 3 gives a thorough grounding in many aspects of Marine Biology and Year 4 explores the applications of Marine Biology to Marine Resource Development and Marine Environmental Protection. Fieldwork plays an important part in the course. The course aims to produce good Marine Biologists with a training in applied aspects of marine resource exploitation and protection. Breadth in the curriculum is provided by options including Molecular Biology and Microbiology.

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Year 1

Introduces Biology largely as Human Biology with accompanying courses in Applied and Environmental Biology. Additional subjects include Mathematics for Scientists and Chemistry, as required for an understanding of future courses in Biochemistry and Physiology.

Year 2

Concentrates on broad topics in Biology, especially Whole Organism Biology of Animals, Plants and Microorganisms; Cell Structure and Biochemistry; and Nutrition and Health.

Year 3

Core courses in Marine Biology focus on Marine Biodiversity, Marine Environmental Biology and Practical Marine Biology.

Year 4

Advanced topics in Marine Biology including: Estuarine and Coastal Management; Fish Physiology and Nutrition; Marine Environmental Monitoring; Marine Chemical Ecology; Marine Biotechnology; and Shellfish and Crustacean Culture. A selection of optional courses is also offered. A research project provides the practical component of the final year of study.