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Our BSc Biological Sciences degree is a broad-based course with a diverse range of topics. In Levels three and four you’ll be able to select from courses ranging from molecular biology and genomics, to marine and environmental topics. Which means you can choose your courses based on your particular interests. Overall, this biology degree aims to provide a flexible package of knowledge and practical skills in the biological sciences. Giving you the chance to maximise your potential and enjoy a successful career – whether it’s in academia, industry or commerce.

We are still accepting applications for September 2018.

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Year 1

Introduces Biology largely as Human Biology with accompanying courses in Applied and Environmental Biology. Additional subjects include Mathematics for Scientists and Chemistry, as required for an understanding of future courses in Biochemistry and Physiology.

Year 2

Concentrates on broad topics in Biology, especially Whole Organism Biology of Animals, Plants and Microorganisms; Cell Structure and Biochemistry; and Nutrition and Health.

Year 3

Brings specialisation in key areas, such as Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering; Microbes and Disease; and Environmental Biology.

Year 4

Students pursue a research project as the practical component of the course, and may choose from a range of courses from various specialist degrees, such as: Cell and Molecular Biology; Brewing and Distilling; Food Science; Marine Biology; and Microbiology.