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If you aspire to work in organisational management, this masters in Business Strategy, Leadership and Change will equip you with all the key skills you will need to succeed.



Through bespoke courses designed by leading experts in their fields, this MSc degree will help you develop skills in areas including business strategy, leadership, project management, change management, quality management and inventory planning.

You will learn how to critically evaluate the theories, concepts and techniques of business strategy, leadership and change.  By applying this knowledge to practical contexts through industry-focused, case-study led learning, you will learn how to develop successful strategies, leadership styles and change management programmes.

Ultimately this masters degree in business will help you understand how to think strategically and manage change. Equipping you with the skills and knowledge to succeed as an entrepreneur or in a range of senior management positions.

Programme duration

The full-time MSc business course starts in mid September and lasts one year. The course can also be taken part-time over two years, or as a nine month Postgraduate Diploma.

  • Full-time: 12 months/9 months (MSc/PG Diploma)

  • Part-time: 24 months/21 months (MSc/PG Diploma)


This masters in Business Strategy, Leadership and Change is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute.

Course content

Detailed course guide
Sem 1 (Sep - Dec) Sem 2 (Jan - April)
Business Models: Themes & Issues Research Philosophy and Practice

Three from:

  • Business Economics
  • Demand and Inventory Planning
  • Humanitarian Logistics
  • International Marketing
  • International Trade Law
  • Managing Diversity in Business
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management & Engineering
  • System Thinking & Analysis
Strategic Change
Competitive Strategy

The MSc dissertation is undertaken between May - August

Business Models

Semester 1 (mandatory)

By exploring the major themes and issues in the development of business models, an understanding of the application of business models and their role in modern strategic thinking is gained. Topics covered include business models, value propositions, quality/value arguments.


Semester 1 (mandatory)

Understand the role of leadership in business, and specifically in commercial projects. Examines the linkages between effective & appropriate leadership and organisational strategy.

Strategic Change

Semester 1 (mandatory)

Looking at organisational change from a strategic perspective, this course differentiates between the concepts and models of change management and consider their application to a variety of situations and environments.

Research Philosophy and Practice

Semester 2 (mandatory)

Provides an understanding of the social science research process, as well as theory and approaches to research. Develops practical skills (i.e. quantitative and qualitative techniques) in data analysis to transform the raw data into information that guides marketing management valuations.