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Halla Mohieddeen

Halla Mohieddeen

Heriot-Watt alumna makes television history with Scottish and Global news
Joakim Standal

Joakim Standal

With a head start from Heriot-Watt, the numbers soon add up
Rob Morton

Rob Morton

Heriot-Watt alumnus raising the standard for Scottish cuisine
Mathilde Henri

Mathilde Henri

The Heriot-Watt alumna who studied then stayed in Orkney to begin her science career

Lauren Truesdale

From an immersive Heriot-Watt campus experience to global gameplay 

Tracy Young

Petri dish wars in the rewarding world of microbiology

Amornched Jinda-apiraksa

Heriot-Watt engineer by training and an entrepreneur by heart

Professor Iain Baikie

How Heriot-Watt helped launch the career of a stellar scientist, inventor and educationalist

Gareth McShea

How rowing with the Heriot-Watt Boat Club helped engineer a job down under

Donna Finnie

The winning psychology driving coach Donna Finnie from Heriot-Watt to Houston

Camden Winkelstein

Former US Navy submariner and Heriot-Watt alumnus distils with distinction

Harriet Gillespie

Heriot-Watt alumna masters the art and science of clarity over complexity 

Salma Mehjabeen

Fashioning a rewarding career from concept to catwalk collections  

Joanne Yeoh

Heriot-Watt alumna proves the power of music in theory and practice 

Shahda Mazin Al-Taie

The Heriot-Watt alumna mitigating the effects of climate change in the UAE

Debra Gray

The Heriot-Watt alumna fighting floods in an era of climate change

Bhavya Mandanna

How Heriot-Watt turned an Indian teetotaller to an award-winning Master Brewer

Meir Kojman

Championing sustainable building from Heriot-Watt to the World Cup 2022 

Fadi Alshakhshir

High energy, fast-tracked success in the city of superlatives for Heriot-Watt

Ethel Koppa

Heriot-Watt alumna building a construction career in Tanzania  

Craig Smith

Fast-tracked from Heriot-Watt into the world's best job