Postgraduate research students

Before you arrive at Heriot-Watt, find out where you need to go on your first day and what time you're expected to arrive. You may be meeting with your Supervisor(s), a member of the research admin team for your School, or a fellow PhD student.

You should set aside time in your first few days to get to know the campus and the local area. Make sure you know where the university facilities are, for example the library, printers and photocopiers (and how to use them), catering outlets, shops, and where other postgraduate research students (‘PGR' students) are based. Further afield you may want to find out where key services are like the supermarket, banks, post office and transport links.

While you're undertaking your postgraduate research degree, you will have the opportunity to participate in further personal and professional development through the Research Futures Academy’s innovative and award winning training and development programme.   This programme is designed for the research community at Heriot-Watt University, including all PhD, EngD and MPhil students.

The Research Futures Academy programme aims to help you undertake your research project successfully and develop skills and connections to enhance your future employability and impact. You can choose from an extensive range of training workshops, courses, networking events and other opportunities according to your levels of expertise, academic interests and career aspirations.

You will receive an introduction to the Research Futures Academy during your postgraduate induction, and you will be kept up to date with programme developments throughout the year through the Research Futures website, posters, and email newsletters.

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Research Futures

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