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Registered staff and students can use the services provided by Information Services for the purposes of work or study while at Heriot-Watt University.

We are committed to providing excellent facilities and services to support you in your learning and research - but this can only be done by working in partnership with you.

To help us to help you make the most of our services, this section provides details of what you can expect from us and also what we expect from you.

Please remember that you can always contact us for help and advice.

IT and Communications Facilities Acceptable Use Policy
Code of Conduct

The following code of conduct applies to the Edinburgh and Scottish Borders Campus Libraries.  Other campuses may have other codes of conduct specific to their environment.

To help ensure that all students benefit from an appropriate working environment when using our libraries, and in consultation with HWUSA, the following "code of conduct" has been agreed.  This code of conduct is in operation on the Edinburgh and Scottish Borders Campuses.  Similar conduct is required in all of our other libraries.  Look for local guidelines and signage.

The whole of the Library is for quiet work and study – please note.

  • You have a right to conducive working conditions: please do point out distracting or inappropriate behaviour or noise levels in the areas in which you work.
  • If you are asked to make less noise you should observe this request.  Those creating unacceptable noise or behaving inappropriately may be asked to leave the building.

Where appropriate, signage will indicate acceptable noise levels e.g.

  • Red – silent working.
  • Orange – quiet work-related discussion that does not disturb others working and studying in that area.
  • Green – normal talking permitted, bearing in mind that people around you are working: during exam study quiet talking will be requested.
  • Mobile phones should be switched to 'silent' within the library.  Calls should only be made/taken in areas where normal talking is permitted.
  • Only play music/videos on a PC or mobile device when using earphones.
  • Skype calls should be made only in areas where normal talking is permitted, and while using earphones.
  • Drinks (hot or cold) are permitted only in securely lidded containers.
  • Food may be consumed only in permitted areas e.g. on the Entrance level on the Edinburgh Campus Library (Level 1), either in the café, or in the designated area adjacent; the consumption of food is not permitted in the Scottish Borders Campus library.
  • Everyone should leave their study space/table clean and tidy and is responsible for putting waste into appropriate bins.
Copyright Licences

Remember that copyright legislation applies to all Library users and you need to be aware of the potential issues if you plan to:

  • Photocopy, scan or digitise material
  • Quote or make an extract from someone else's work in essays, projects and theses
  • Put together photocopied chapters and articles to give to students
  • Use audio or video material in teaching, presentations or course work
  • Save or print material from electronic resources

Anything which is printed, written, made or recorded in any form is subject to copyright. This includes academic publications in paper or electronic form, computer software and audiovisual material in any medium.

More information is available from Copyright Information for Learning and Teaching.

Fire and other emergencies

Please make sure you are familiar with the emergency exits in the library you are visiting. You can ask staff for help if you need it.

Personal property

The libraries are not responsible for your personal property when you are in the library - so please look after it.

Lost property

If you have lost something it may have been handed in at the Service Desk - please ask the staff there.

Look after your property....

  • Remember to keep your property in sight at all times.
  • Unattended items, handbags on the floor and valuables in clothing hung on chairs are easy targets for thieves.
  • Please report any thefts or suspicious behaviour to a member of staff.
Comments and suggestions

We welcome feedback on all aspects of our services - including this website. If you have a suggestion on how we can improve, or have a comment to make, please let us know.

Please use the Feedback form to submit your suggestions and opinions.

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