FTIR and melting point determination

FTIR and melting point determination analytical services will be available in two formats: a "Total" service and a "DIY" service.

Total service

For the "Total" service, submitted samples will be analysed by a technician and results reported back to the client.

Analyses will be charged at £40 per sample.

DIY service

For the "DIY" service, clients will be invited to the lab to run their own samples after being trained/instructed to use the relevant technique by the responsible technician.

Charges will be £40 for the training and subsequently £10 per hour for use of the facilities (with a £5 threshold for brief use).


Please note that the services are subject to limited technical staff and instrument availability and potential clients are strongly encouraged to opt for the "DIY" service to guarantee a relatively quick return of results. "Total" service result returns can take considerably longer and will be agreed on a case by case basis.


Please contact Lee McMahon l.mcmahon@hw.ac.uk if you wish to use the service or for any further enquiries.

Key information

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