Improving quality of Life

Prof. Rehan Ahmed

Our novel surface engineering solutions are improving product quality and longevity to make a lasting difference in the real world.

Dr Rehan Ahmed

Millions of patients receive a medical implant every year and improving the quality and longevity of an implant has a significant effect on the quality of human life. 

The safety and reliability of improved quality coatings to reduce friction and wear of components, for a range of industrial sectors, undoubtedly have an economic and environmental impact on our society; for example, the cost savings of reducing friction and wear can amount to 1.3 to 1.6% of the Gross National Product.

These novel surface engineering solutions have led to European and US patents owned by Taragenyx, a company registered in Scotland.

In addition, another patent is being considered by ARAMCO in the field of surface engineering for off-shore and on-shore industry. These coatings when used in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells are also a good candidate for environmental friendly solutions reducing CO2 footprint. 

Real-world impact

Dr Rehan Ahmed's research is making an impact in the medical and engineering sectors through novel surface engineering solutions to improve product quality and longevity, to make a lasting difference in the real world.

Key information

Rehan Ahmed