Traditional en suite room

Self-catered room with en suite
Room layout for en suite room

Each study bedroom is about 12 square metres, including the private bathroom. The bedrooms are grouped around kitchens for the use of 4 or 5 students.

Academic English Accommodation fees (per room)
Programme Length Cost per week Contract Dates

10-week (10 Jun - 16 Aug 2024)

6-week (08 Jul - 16 Aug 2024)



10 Jun - 17 Aug 2024

06 Jul - 17 Aug 2024

What's included?

  • shared kitchen facilities between 4 or 5 people
  • en suite shower room
  • meals can be purchased at a range of catering outlets on the campus, if you do not wish to prepare your own
  • bedding pack includes pillow, duvet, pillowcase, duvet cover and sheet (£30 charge on arrival)
  • towels are not provided
  • broadband internet and utilities are included in the rent price
Male student sitting at the desk in student bedroom (traditional en suite room)

What's provided in an en suite room?

Your room key gives access to your designated kitchen and laundrette.

Study bedroom

  • single bed
  • bedside table
  • mattress protector
  • desk
  • desk chair
  • desk lamp
  • wardrobe
  • bookshelf
  • pin board
  • en suite:
    • wash hand basin
    • shower with shower curtain
    • toilet

Towels and toilet rolls are not provided.

For safety reasons, cooking/heating appliances and additional furniture are not permitted in study bedrooms.

Bathroom in self-catered en suite student room


  • cooker
  • fridge
  • freezer
  • kettle
  • sweeping brush
  • dust pan and brush
  • bucket and mop
  • recycling station
  • lockable cupboard (padlock required)
  • table
  • stools
  • vacuum cleaner

Crockery, cutlery, pot, pans and kitchen utensils are not provided. Refuse sacks are issued weekly so that you can safely dispose of refuse in the appropriate recycling bins.

Students cooking in kitchen