Accommodation guarantee

The University guarantees to make all new full time students an offer of accommodation either on or off campus in their first year. You are covered by the guarantee if:

  • you are a new full time student for a full academic year starting from September
  • you have an unconditional firm offer of a place at the University
  • you apply for accommodation online before the closing date of 12:00 midday (BST) on 22 August 2022.

In this guarantee, we include:

  • direct entrants to year 2 or 3
  • you are a student with care experience

If you are an exchange student (eg. Socrates), you are not covered by the guarantee.

Visiting students

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee accommodation for visiting students who are studying with us for just one semester. Accommodation for one semester is subject to availability. You may wish to look at off-campus living options in case we are not able to accommodate you.

Students with disabilities or extra support needs

A number of rooms on campus have been purpose built and are fully accessible. Our Disability Service can give you more information.

If you are an international student, you must contact us in advance so that we can assess whether we are able to meet your support and care needs in the residences.

Family accommodation

Unfortunately, we don’t have family accommodation on campus, but we can direct you to find suitable accommodation off campus. We recommend that you travel to Edinburgh on your own first before making arrangements for your family to join you.