2. Betula pendula

Known widely as the Silver Birch or the European White Birch, it grows successfully in this country alongside the Scots Pine with the Siver Birch being known as the Queen of the forest and the Scots Pine as the King. They can reach 15-25 metres (49-82 feet) Occasionally 30metres (100 feet) tall. Betula pendula is a hardy tree that appreciates dry, acid soil. It will often be the first tree to appear on wasteland. It has an open canopy which allows other plants to flourish below.

In the Highlands of Scotland, wild edible mushrooms known as Chanterelles grow happily underneath them as they have a symbiotic association with the roots of the tree. Betula pendula is Finland's national tree, and its wood is used for furniture making, plywood, veneers, skis, utensils and firewood. The sap can be tapped and drunk fresh or used for wine making.