National Robotarium

Due to open in spring 2022, the National Robotarium will be home to all kinds of research about robots. It's a world-leading centre for robotics and artificial intelligence, formulated in partnership with The University of Edinburgh.

The National Robotarium is changing the world one day at a time by discovering how artificial intelligence, or AI as it's often known, could be used to help people. Experts at the centre have already designed robot humans and pets that could one day help make our lives that much easier.

Researchers will be learning, exploring and testing robots across a variety of fields - including healthcare technology, working across hazardous environments (where it wouldn't be safe for people), offshore energy, assisted living, human-robot interaction, AI and farming technology amongst others. 

One of the cool things in the building will be the assisted living lab – where we will use technology to help individuals live independently for longer, with research ranging from robotics and conversational assistants to wireless monitoring techniques. 

The robotarium will also have an education centre so schools can come and learn more about ongoing research and the future of robots. 

Research Bite

Find out more in this Research Bite which explores machines in conversation. Researcher Oliver Lemon is a professor of computer science and leads a team who are developing technology that machines can understand to help them generate human language and join us in conversations. 

OK Google… Hey Siri… Alexa - let's chat…

Have fun trying to fold and balance your robots - even give them some colour too.