William Perkin - Marine Science

A big and important part of the research at Heriot-Watt University focuses on the oceans. Our researchers explore lots of different parts of the oceans, from the shores where you might go to build a sandcastle, to the really deep parts that hardly anyone has explored before!  

Our researchers aim to understand the biology, chemistry, geology and physics of this dynamic system so central to all our lives. It also considers the overarching influence of climate change and how we can help protect the oceans, working with governments and communities to protect our coasts and oceans.  

Our marine scientists aim to understand how our ocean ecosystems work, from the deep sea to coral reefs. They explore how the biology, chemistry and physics of these ecosystems interact, identifying what features make them unique. We also investigate how humans interact with the marine environment, what impact human activities have on ocean ecosystems and how climate change might affect this. We also have a campus in Orkney, where we explore how we can create energy from wind and wave power, as well as research in fisheries, marine protection and more.  

Research Bite

Find out more in this Research Bite with PhD Researcher Emily Hague. Emily's research explores the impacts that humans have on the life of marine mammals. She has a specific research focus exploring the life of whales, bottlenose dolphins and the regional decline of harbour seals.  

What are the human impacts on marine mammals?

Make an origami whale to help whales and dolphins in Europe who are currently in captivity.