Main Reception

Welcome to Heriot-Watt University's Edinburgh campus! You might have been to campus and walked among the trees before, but you might not know what research was going on behind the scenes in our many buildings - The Discovery Trail will help with this! It's time to start exploring... 

In 2021, Heriot-Watt turns 200 years old! As part of the University's Bicentennial celebrations, this new Discovery Trail will help you explore the campus and find out more about the research that goes on behind closed doors. Follow the map below to locate all the posts that look just like the one you're at now; there are QR codes on each that will take you to a webpage. You don't need to follow it in order, you can dip in and out and still learn lots about our research.  

Each webpage will explore the different research and activity that goes on in the building, with some amazing videos, and a fun activity that you can complete either right here on campus or back at home! There are also brass-rubbing plaques on the sides of each post for you to collect in a booklet, which you can pick up from main reception to complete across your walk.  

Thank you for joining the Discovery Trail today and we hope it helps to unlock some of the mysteries of what goes on in the buildings around campus!