MA (Hons) Business Management

Honours degree; for employees in Scotland; duration 4 years; 20% study, 80% work

The programme

MA (Hons)
New or existing employees in Scotland
4 years
No limit
20% at University, 80% at work

As the modern business world becomes increasingly dynamic, understanding the way businesses and organisations operate and how they make key decisions, is crucial.

In the Business Management GA programme our objective is to develop the general management and business knowledge and skills of participants in the context of contemporary private and public sector organisations, large and small.

Employees examine organisations, understand workings and relate theories to actual business practices. Throughout the programme we develop the management and business skills necessary for a professional organisation.

Graduates' skillset

The Business Management Graduate Apprenticeship is designed to produce graduates with the following high level skills and knowledge attributes:

  • An understanding of business/organisations and their key functions and processes
  • An understanding and consideration of environment, organisational strategy, markets and processes – and how these work together.
  • Knowledge and understanding of organisational strategy and models and how to apply them.
  • Understanding of approaches to project management and the ability to apply them
  • Knowledge of financial models and how to use them to analyse performance
  • Understanding of how technology can enhance business
  • Able to communicate effectively using a range of media
  • Knowledge and understanding of leadership styles and organisational culture
  • Knowledge and understanding of how to manage people and teams effectively
  • Understands how to build effective relationships internally and externally
  • Able to manage self effectively, use emotional intelligence and core values
  • Knowledge and understanding of how to plan effectively and undertake personal development
  • Able to make effective decisions and solve problems based on research

Key areas of the programme

The primary focus of the Business Management Graduate Apprenticeship programme is on developing the knowledge, understanding and skills outcomes sought by employers.

Organisational performance
  • Organisational strategy and operations
  • Project management
  • Business finance
  • Digital business and new technologies
Interpersonal excellence
  • Communication
  • Leading People
  • Managing People
  • Developing collaborative relationships
Personal effectiveness
  • Awareness of self and others
  • Management of self
  • Decision making

Learning and skills outcomes for Business Management (optional) pathways. Please select at least one of the following pathway options.

Change management
  • Change management in an organisational context
  • Administration and implementation
  • Relationships and communications within change management
  • Political context
Human resources
  • Human resources theory and concepts
  • Human resource management
  • Collaboration and relationship building
  • Legal requirements
Sales and marketing
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Planning
  • Communicating and sales
  • Performance and reputation management
  • Customer behaviour
  • Customer experience and satisfaction
Procurement/Supply chain management
  • Procurement and supply chain strategy
  • Procurement
  • Supply chain management
  • Collaboration
International trade
  • International trade theory
  • Conducting business
  • Cultural awareness and understanding
  • Communicating in an international context
  • Globalisation

Why Heriot-Watt University?

Our graduates are specialist, creative, progessional, global citizens. Our Graduate Apprenticeship programmes are taught by respected and experienced academics and business professionals.

With five campuses, in Edinburgh, Galashiels, Orkney, Dubai and Malaysia, Heriot-Watt is a truly global community.

Business Management Graduate Apprenticeship enable the candidates to deliver value to their employers

Amos P Haniff, Lead-Academic

Heriot-Watt University is consistently ranked at a high level across a number of key university league tables.

Top 2 in Scotland for Business, Management and Marketing, The Guardian University Guide 2017