Our Scottish Borders Campus

Scottish Borders Campus and Sustainability

Located in a countryside location the small town of Galashiels, our Scottish Borders campus is situated at the heart of Scotland’s luxury textile industry. Galashiels is located on the River Tweed, which during the 19th Century provided hydropower capable of powering several textile mills along the banks of the river. One of these mills now forms our School of Textiles, a centre of excellence in design and textiles, enabling the development of a more sustainable fashion industry and modern textiles.

Creative history, innovative future

As the historic home of Scotland’s wool and textiles industry, our Scottish Borders campus is at the forefront of technical innovation designed to inform and shape an industry with a high environmental impact. Sustainable materials for the fashion industry and design for net zero are some of the key teaching and research topics on our borders campus. Explore our key projects and advances here.

Building in Sustainability

Co-located with Borders College, our Scottish Borders campus benefits from a state of the art sewage heat recovery system, the first of its kind in the UK. This provides a low carbon heat source using residual heat in the town’s sewerage system, which runs adjacent to the site. Low grade heat from the sewer is converted into usable heat in our buildings via a heat pump system.