Malaysia Campus and Sustainability

Our Malaysia campus, located in Putrajaya, sits on a beautiful 4.8 acre lakeside site. It forms part of Putrajaya Lake's ‘green continuum', in which stringent environmental standards are promoted and expected. It provides a state of the art teaching, learning and research environment.

A truly green campus

The ‘green campus' is remarkable for having the first living grass roof of its kind in Malaysia. At 300 metres long and 30 metres wide, it is the most recognisably sustainable feature of the campus. The roof shades the naturally ventilated spaces below, reduces thermal transmittance, and acts as an observation deck, accessible by glass lift. Other environmentally friendly, passive design features include campus lighting ‘powered' by the maximum use of natural daylight, a rainwater harvesting system and optimised air-conditioning and thermal control systems.

Building in Sustainability

Our Malaysia campus was developed as a sustainability exemplar and holds certification under Malaysia's Green Building Index scheme, recognising sustainable design features including the campus' green roof and measures to benefit from solar shading and to use rainwater within the building. An energy transformation team based at the campus is leading the development and implementation of a range of high impact energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. In the 2021 Putrajaya Council Green Initiatives Recognition scheme, the Malaysia Campus won a first place award for water saving and a second place award for electricity saving.