Jing Lin Lee

4th year

Jing Lin, from Selangor in Malaysia, is studying Actuarial Science in the School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences.

What appealed to you most about Heriot-Watt University?

I was first drawn to Heriot-Watt University by its reputation of the Actuarial Science programme, which is accredited by the UK profession and offers exemptions from professional examinations. Then I found out about the Go Global inter-campus transfer programme that enables me to transfer to Edinburgh from the Malaysia campus. This appealed to me as an exciting opportunity to gain experience of living and studying abroad. I spent the first two years of my degree studying at the Malaysia campus and I am now in my final year at the Edinburgh campus.

What impresses you about your learning experience at Heriot-Watt?

I am impressed with the distinguished international learning experience, where all Heriot-Watt students of the same programme undertake the exact same modules across all campuses, using the same learning and assessment platforms. Because of that, I experienced a seamless transition when transferring to the UK, which was really helpful since I didn’t have to adapt to different course structures or learning platforms. The lecturers and staff are also very nice and approachable; they are always ready to provide guidance and support throughout my learning journey, while encouraging me to challenge myself intellectually at the same time.

What do you like most about studying at Heriot-Watt?

I love the vibrant culture and student life at Heriot-Watt; here we have students from almost all the continents of the world, and I think it’s amazing how we get to connect with one another under the same roof. Not to mention, there are fun activities aplenty and various clubs and societies for students to explore their interests or develop their skills. The university campuses are really beautiful in their own way too, and their strategic locations gave lots of opportunities to travel around. I definitely recommend studying at Heriot-Watt.