Elisabeth Rabe

Elisabeth graduated with an MSc in Renewable Energy Development from our Orkney Campus. She is now Project Controller for an onshore wind farm developer.

What is your current role and responsibilities?

I am working for an onshore wind farm developer as Project Controller. My task is to ensure that the projects are of high quality before the company enters into negotiations for funding and later for the sale of the project.  I achieve this by conducting a thorough technical, legal and economical due diligence at certain milestones of a project. In addition, I monitor the progress and keep an eye on certain deadlines. 

How did studying Renewable Energy Development at Orkney help you in your current role?

Due to the content of the programme I have managed to get a job in the industry. Conducting the due diligence of a wind farm development, I need to be able to understand and assess technical, environmental, legal and economical aspects. The programme provided me with an in-depth understanding of the characteristics and challenges concerning the renewable energies from a multi-disciplinary point of view . It gave me the background to evaluate and assess new information and also practical experience to take into the workplace.

What advice do you have for any prospective student thinking of joining the Orkney Campus?

Go for it! Orkney offers you a unique experience in a unique environment. It gives you the opportunity to study in a first class educational institution as well as experiencing many technologies first hand and meeting professionals from the industry. The Orkney Campus certainly is one of the best places to study renewable energies and Orkney is an amazing place to live. I've enjoyed every minute!