Nonye Ajator

Nonye, from Nigeria, studied International Business Management with HRM in the School of Management and Languages. She graduated in 2013.

What appealed to you most about Heriot-Watt University when you considered Postgraduate study?

Choosing the right institution for our studies is usually one of the toughest decisions we make as prospective students. During my search for a master degree program in the UK, I applied to several institutions, not less than six which I secured offers with and was eventually faced with a problem of choice. I had initially planned to go for an MBA but later settled for an MSc with a touch of business. My choice for an MSc had to do with the fact that it was more academic and would be easier if I decided to pursue a PhD in future.

The final decision to settle with Heriot-Watt was more tilted to the programme combination (International Business with HRM) and modules; though other factors like rankings, tuition fees and customer service during application were also put into consideration. Moreover, Heriot-Watt was the only institution out of the other six that offered me an international student scholarship.

Having settled with the decision of making Heriot-Watt my place of study, I initiated the search for Heriot-Watt Alumni on social media seeking out current students who could offer guidance on travel, studies or choosing accommodation. I was lucky to contact a few good ones who advised me and stayed helpful until I got to Heriot-Watt.

How did you find arriving at Heriot-Watt?

My first day in Edinburgh was smooth. I had a Heriot-Watt arranged pick up bus at the airport and some students helped me with my luggage. I saw a few other new students from various countries who were also picked up. We started forming bonds on the bus and people were already identifying with other future departmental students. One person lived in the same halls of residence with me as well as attended the same chaplaincy.

On arrival to Heriot-Watt, I got help from standby students who gladly welcomed me, led me to my new hall and helped me settle in before departing. I was able to attend orientation week which availed me the opportunity to meet new friends/course mates.

My first few weeks went smoothly, I adapted to the weather easily, and lectures were great and went well. Today I see my favourite lecturer more like a mentor.

What did you enjoy the most about studying your degree?

Heriot-Watt exposed me to new ways of studying, learning and writing. I started learning how to work as a team in a class while contributing as an individual. I had the challenge of working with time during my essay writings but I was never late. I only felt I could do it better. I met both good and bad friends who all contributed towards moulding my personality and helped me to become a better me while learning from my mistakes and past experiences.

Finally, Heriot-Watt was an eye opener for me in general and I do not regret ever making Edinburgh or Heriot-Watt a study destination/institution for me.