Enyo O Megbenu

Enyo, from Ghana, studied Real Estate Investment and Finance in the School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society. He graduated in 2010.

As a practicing Quantity Surveyor who wanted to move into the Real Estate Sector, my qualification at Heriot-Watt has allowed me the leap I so much needed.

Ghana’s Real Estate Market is highly regarded as a booming/growing area. Studying at Heriot-Watt has honed me into a more disciplined person, improved my time management skills and enhanced my professionalism.

For me, Whole Life Cycle Cost is one of the ignored and grey areas in transitional real estate markets like Ghana and therefore my most enjoyed module. Also, Space Planning and Management will assist me to advise clients more holistically.

Heriot-Watt gave me the opportunity to improve myself with a RICS accredited degree via a flexible style of studying at a spread cost. I would not hesitate to recommend Heriot-Watt to any professional who needs that next step.