Mohammed Alhejaili

Mohammed Alhejaili from Saudi Arabia took a Pre-Sessional Academic English course before studying a postgraduate degree.

We have really good teachers who have experience and know the subject matter well.

They prepare us for academic study by explaining academic vocabulary and the way of writing and listening and taking notes. They help us to guess the meaning of words we don’t know and provide vocabulary support from one lesson to the next. They also teach us how to deal with tutorials and how to send emails.

The trips are useful to help us to know more about history of Scottish cities. We can get more information about the culture, society and customs. The outings also help us to relax.

I started volunteering and met a lot of people. I started to know a lot about the society here, a lot of Scottish people, what they like and they dislike, and this helps me to take positive things out.

One of the benefits of volunteering is that I get experience that will help me when I go back home to work. I have also learnt about the different working systems and structures used here in Scotland and the differences in Scottish organisations. It’s good to be active in the society and to help people in the community.