Khalid Aljuayed

Khalid Aljuayed from Saudi Arabia took a Pre-Sessional Academic English course before studying a postgraduate degree.

Since taking the Academic English course I have learned a lot of academic vocabulary, which means my skills in academic writing have improved considerably. I have also been taught how to read efficiently and identify necessary information from difficult academic texts.

On the course they teach how to write academic essays and I have learned how to paraphrase other people’s ideas effectively. I have also learned some tips on how to search for what I need in the library as well as construct an annotated bibliography. My listening skills have increased greatly too and I have learned how to take notes by going to lectures and training my ear to identify academic words which I then use in speaking practice.

I feel that I have improved so much since I joined the course. I would highly recommend this course for students intending to study at University whether as undergraduates or for postgraduate studies.