Chong Sheng Lim

Actuarial Associate, PwC Asia, Actuarial Services (Singapore)

Chong Sheng Lim, who studied Actuarial Science in the School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, now works as an Actuarial Associate at PwC Asia.

What impressed you about your learning experience at Heriot-Watt?

The lecturers! They are always there to guide and assist you when you face problems in your studies. Even now after I have graduated I still contact them to ask for careers guidance. The lecturers are equipped with vast knowledge and industrial experience, so we were often dealing with real-life case studies or simulations that give a taste of what to expect in the real actuarial world. These features have definitely increased my employability, and have brought me closer to my dream as I am now a step ahead of other university graduates.

What aspects of your programme really appealed to you?

It is definitely a perfect programme for someone who is keen on pursuing an actuarial career, as it gives you an express route to qualifying as an actuary. It offers insights into specialised topics such as pensions, life insurance, and enterprise risk management, which is very useful for future exams as well as in the workplace. The quality of the degree programme is maintained at a high level as exam results are reviewed by the external board from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. Actuarial work requires an analytical brain that constantly challenges itself when solving problems – this degree nurtures these skills.

Would you recommend studying Actuarial Science at Heriot-Watt?

Yes! It was the first and, in my opinion, is the top actuarial school in the UK.