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    Dr Alex Bell / Dr Julian Goodwin

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The BEng course forms the core for our advanced MEng courses allowing us to offer flexibility to students. Programmes share the same first two Levels, with the more chemistry oriented Pharmaceutical Chemistry MEng course specialising in chemistry topics in Level 3. Our courses aim to provide students with the sound understanding of chemical engineering fundamentals needed to become professional Chartered Engineers. In addition to a grounding in science, mathematics and engineering, our students acquire practical abilities that are highly sought after by industry.


Accredited by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) on behalf of the Engineering Council for the purposes of fully meeting the academic requirement for registration as a Chartered Engineer.

Course content

Year 1

Provides a general introduction to the subject, emphasising the role of basic mathematics and science. Courses introduce basic techniques and principles of chemical engineering including: Mass Balances; Basic Thermodynamics and Energy Balances. An awareness of professional and personal development forms a critical part of the teaching in this year.

Year 2

Important themes focus on an understanding of the movement of fluids, heat transfer and how materials behave. Principal components include Fluid Mechanics; Heat Transfer; Mass Transfer and Thermodynamics. A mini design project is also included.

Year 3

Provides opportunities to analyse key operations in the industry, particularly the processing and separation of gases and liquids. In parallel, there are courses looking at chemical reactor theory, how processes are controlled and the prediction of physical behaviour. Material on Safety, Sustainability and Economics is consolidated in a group-based project.

Year 4

A central theme is the advanced analysis of key processing operations and their control. Specialist topics include Energy Efficiency, Safety and Sustainability. A group-based design project is also undertaken.

Year 5

Specialist and core chemical engineering subjects are studied in this year, along with the extensive research project. A central theme is the enhanced design project, where students have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in process design and commercial awareness.