Colin Turner

Head of Department of Management

My main area of study is International infrastructuring. As such many main focus is how states are adapting national infrastructure systems (as territorially fixed assets) to the adaptive tensions created by the twin and overlapping pressures of regionalism and globalism. In this sense, I am especially interested in infrastructures as a tool of state territorial and geo-strategy. The area of interest is by its nature multi-disciplinary cutting across overlapping themes within International Political Economy, Political/Economic Geography and aspects of the broad based discipline known as infrastructure studies. Logistics forms a key sub-theme within this field as these processes generate international  flows to which national systems are adapting.

Areas of interest

  • Infrastructure, regionalism. Systems globalism, political economy.


1989 – BA Economics with Politics - CNAA

1991 – MA Economics of the EU – University of Exeter

2003 – PhD (by Publication) Leeds University.


Throughout my career I have worked at the Universities of Lincoln, Huddersfield and Hull. I have also been a guest lecturer at a number of European institutions.

Recent publications

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