Diversity and Inclusivity Masterclass




Do you adhere to the Equality Act?

With 20% of the people now diagnosed with long term illness, the workplace is changing. Find out what you need to do to adapt.

There is a requirement in today’s market for increased awareness amongst teams and organisations of the issues around gender, age, disability, and health at work. The aim of this course is to provide detailed support on how to accommodate differences and sensitivities in the workplace, and how to make reasonable and responsible adjustments going forward.

This masterclass comprises three one-hour online as-live workshops via Teams/Zoom/Adobe Connect focusing on:

  • Gender and women’s health
  • Ethnicity in the workplace
  • Disability in the workplace
  • Age in the workplace

Each session includes an introductory 20-minute talk on the topic followed by a group breakout exercise for 20 minutes, finishing with a 20-minute discussion, Q&A and reflection.

The three workshops are delivered by three industry leading professors.

Workshop 1: Professor Dame Heather McGregor

Professor Dame Heather J. McGregor is the Provost and Vice Principal of Heriot-Watt University Dubai. Professor McGregor was previously the Executive Dean of the Edinburgh Business School, having held the post since 2016. Her earlier career was in investment banking, and she has spent 17 years as an entrepreneur leading her own executive search firm prior to her move into higher education.

Workshop 2: Professor Kate Sang

Kate is head of The Centre for Research into Employment, Work and the Professions and Professor for gender and employment studies. She is also Heriot-Watt’s UCU equality officer.
Kate’s recent research projects include:
•    Disability Inclusive Science Careers
•    Disability inclusion in Malawi
•    Women's access to basic services in Rohingya Refugee Camps
•    Gynaecological health in academia
•    Disability and academic careers
In addition, she is a member of the Cross Party Working Group on Women’s Health, and between 2018-2020 was an expert advisor to the Scottish Government on disability.

Workshop 3: Professor Alan Gow

Alan is a professor of Psychology. He teaches on the BSc Psychology and supervises undergraduate and postgraduate projects which focus on personality, cognitive abilities, health and wellbeing, and ageing.
Alan's research focuses on the identification of lifestyle and behavioural factors that predict healthy ageing, primarily cognitive ageing. Alan is mainly interested in factors which are modifiable, such as activity participation and exercise, social networks and support, and occupational characteristics and exposures. By being amenable to change, such factors are potential targets for interventions designed to reduce or delay the deleterious effect of ageing on cognitive abilities

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