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Design thinking requires essential front-end empathic questioning skills to understand stakeholders’ experiences in a way that fosters mutual trust. It also requires an ability to frame and reframe problems to find the right path towards optimum solutions. 



Duration: 3 hours
Cost: £275

This workshop will introduce participants to an enhanced version of the Stanford design thinking process, provide a safe environment in which to apply the process to a chronic organisational problem, and help guide decision-making to solve the problem. 

It will help organisations avoid the costly mistake of conducting a few cursory interviews with stakeholders, thinking the problem is fully understood, coming up with a solution, rolling out the solution, and going home feeling good…only to return the next day to find that the problem is still there!

Designed and delivered by Dr. David Steinberg, consultant and Associate Professor in Contemporary Management Practices, this workshop draws on his 36-year career primarily in the private sector and his experience of helping participants apply design thinking to public- and private-sector problems. 

Course content

1.    Learn the Stanford five-step design thinking process.
2.    Understand the power of value co-creation.
3.    Practice empathic questioning to understand the underlying issues associated with the organisation’s problem.
4.    Understand problem types, problem mind-mapping, and problem framing.
5.    Learn the power of problem-reframing to break through traditional thinking.
6.    Understand the value of rapid prototyping and parallel prototyping solutions.
7.    Participate in a final design challenge to help solve the organisation’s problem.

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To organise a workshop for your organisation (minimum 8 participants) please contact Louisa Osmond


Edinburgh Business School, Edinburgh Campus

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