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Think you know the impact of climate change on your business? Think again.

Devise or sense check your climate policy with the help of En-Roads the world-leading policy simulation model

Climate Interactive, a US based think tank has developed En-ROADS a climate simulation model working in collaboration with MIT Sloan and Ventana Systems.

Climate Interactive Ambassador - David Cole, is accredited to run workshops using the model to help organisations create sustainable futures.



We offer 2 En-ROAD based courses:

1. The Climate Game

The Climate Game is a simulation involving an interactive role play game. Participants attend an emergency climate summit organised by the UN.

The Climate Game

The Climate Game is a simulation which involves a highly interactive role playing game. Participants are invited to attend an emergency climate summit organised by the United Nations. The Summit brings together global stakeholders to establish a concrete plan that limits climate warming to Paris Agreement goals. David Cole, our Climate Interactive Ambassador, acts as the UN Secretary-General who has convened the summit. 

Participants are divided into teams that represent different global stakeholders of business, government, and civil society who can drive climate solutions: Clean Tech, Conventional Energy, Industry & Commerce, World Governments, and Climate Justice Hawks.

The game is run in rounds. Once teams have brainstormed their game strategies, each team is invited to propose a climate solution to be implemented.

These actions are analysed in real-time with the En-ROADS simulator to determine their effects on the climate.

The game is played until a scenario under 2°C warming is reached or until time is up.

The game is ideal for groups of 20-50 people and normally runs for 2-4 hours. It provides an opportunity to experience the impact of climate change solutions and see what it would really take to address this global challenge.

David will then work with you to create a realistic and action-oriented response to climate change for your organisation moving forwards.

2. Climate workshops

Workshops are a facilitated run through of the En-ROADS model resulting in scientifically-grounded, action-oriented solutions.

The Climate Workshop

The Climate workshops are a facilitated run through of the En-ROADS model resulting in a scientifically-grounded, action-oriented climate solution policy for businesses. In the workshop, participants propose climate solutions such as energy efficiency, carbon pricing, fossil fuel taxes, reducing deforestation, and carbon dioxide removal.

David then tests these approaches using the EN-ROADS climate simulator, so participants can see the impact on global temperature and other factors. Workshops work best for between 10 and 30 people.

They are designed to boost both personal and emotional engagement with climate issues, and they leave participants feeling empowered to address climate change. So far workshops have been run for the U.S. Congress, Stattnet in Norway, a community group in Atlanta, the Energy Transition Forum in London, HSBC bank, the U.S. Climate Action Network, the UN Secretary-General’s Office, and many others.  Participants at GreenBiz 2020 rated it the best session of the event.

The Climate Interactive Sessions are for:

  • Anyone wanting to make a difference
  • Organisations unsure of their environmental policy
  • Organisations wanting to check the validity of their environmental policy

£1,000 for a half day work shop or simulation with up to 50 participants



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