The Collection

Over the years, The Watt Club has created a collection of articles and documents related to the history of The Watt Club. Some of these articles are still used today by the President of The Watt Club. Some of the more important articles and documents are described below.

President’s Batons

The first President’s Baton was presented to The Watt Club by its first President, John Vernon, in 1855. The sterling silver baton consists of rings each of which is engraved with the name of a Watt Club President. When the first baton ran out of spare rings in the early 1990s, a member of The Watt Club kindly donated a second identical baton.
The President’s Batons are kept securely under lock and key with the second baton only brought out for the Annual Meeting when the retiring President hands over the baton to the newly elected President.

President’s Gown

The President’s Gown is the latest addition to The Watt Club’s collection. It was kindly donated in 2010 by a member of The Watt Club and is worn by the President at University graduation ceremonies and other events requiring academic dress. The facings and yoke of the gown are of the same blue as that on the hood of graduands.

Centenary Gavel

The Centenary Gavel was presented to The Watt Club by the Watt Club Norway, the Club’s first Branch, in 1954 to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of The Watt Club.

James Watt’s Chair

This chair, which was owned by James Watt and which is now more than 200 years old, was purchased by The Watt Club in 1936. Originally, it was proposed that the President of The Watt Club should sit in the chair during the Annual Meeting, however given its fragile state, the chair has never been used for this. The chair is now occasionally displayed in the University’s Museum.

Original Minute Book

The Watt Club’s original minute book from 1854, and which was used up until 1910, is held in the University Archives and is available to view by appointment.

Watt Club Flag

The Watt Club Flag is flown by the University twice a year, on 12 May, to mark the anniversary of the founding of The Watt Club, and on the day of the Annual Meeting.