Watt Club Council

The Watt Club Council is the governing body of The Watt Club tasked with fulfilling the club's mission 'to enthuse and engage with the University's global community of former students (alumni), current students, friends, staff and other potential supporters to cultivate mutually beneficial, life-long and relevant relationships'. It works to ensure the voices of alumni continue to be heard for years to come.

The council works with Development and Alumni in developing a programme of relevant and well-supported activities for The Watt Club as well as being a forum through which alumni can influence the University.

The council is a volunteer body, led by a president and vice-president and supported by a secretary, joined by the alumni-elected member of the University Court, the Student Union President and four co-opted members.

The current president and vice-president are Mike Ross and Pat Corbett respectively. Gregor Colville is the current secretary and treasurer. View our full list of members.

The Watt Club Council can be contacted at wattclub.council@hw.ac.uk


In 2015, The Watt Club and the University undertook a significant review and update of the club’s governance to provide a solid framework for the future success of the club. The core governance documents are given below: 

Annual General Meeting

The president of The Watt Club is elected at the annual general meeting, for a non-renewable three-year term. For their period in office, the president is the senior graduate of the University.

Watt Club AGM 2020 Agenda

Watt Club AGM 2019 Minutes

Watt Club AGM 2020 Minutes

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