The Giving Circles

Heriot-Watt’s pioneering philanthropists include Leonard Horner, Walter Scott and Lord Cockburn, who established and supported Heriot-Watt as the Edinburgh School of Arts in 1821. The legacy of our founding fathers continues today, and we have their foresight to thank for our world-leading, global university

Today we celebrate philanthropists who have shown similar commitment and foresight to our founding philanthropists, through Giving Circles. These groups enable us to bring our donors closer to the work of the University and foster a thriving community of philanthropists.

The Chancellor’s Giving Circle

In 2019, our retiring chancellor Dr Robert M. Buchan launched The Chancellor’s Giving Circle, to celebrate the power of philanthropy at Heriot-Watt.

The Chancellor’s Circle is an exclusive community of pre-eminent philanthropists who make transformational gifts to the University. The circle brings together members who collectively provide sustainable foundations for delivering excellent education and research, whilst ensuring a Heriot-Watt education remains open to all.

Our members’ help to shape the future of Heriot-Watt, and although they are likely to support a variety of different impacts and areas of the University’s work, they share a common goal of supporting our University. 

The Vice-Chancellor’s Circle

Donors who lead the way in the philanthropy and make gifts of £25,000 or more are welcomed into the Vice-Chancellor’s Giving Circle.

In recognition of the importance of philanthropy at Heriot-Watt, our Principal, Prof. Richard Williams, has established the Vice-Chancellor’s Giving Circle.

Giving Circle members can expect benefits such as an invitation to an annual event to at Hermiston House (our Vice-Chancellors residence), bespoke impact reports and opportunities to meet students and researchers supported through philanthropy.

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