This specialism is part of BSc (Hons) Chemistry


Chemistry is at the heart of biology and this specialism is attractive to students who want to combine their favourite subjects of chemistry and biology and so understand the chemistry underlying the animal and plant kingdoms. Animals and plants are composed of biological cells, which are complex entities whose functions and communications are controlled by messenger molecules.


Accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry for partially meeting the academic criteria for Chartered Chemist (CChem).

Course content

Year 1

Fundamentals of Chemistry, with Mathematics and Biology courses. Lab work plays a key role in the curriculum.

Year 2

Core Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, along with courses in Cell & Molecular Biology and Metabolism in Human Nutrition.

Year 3

Core Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry, along with Bioscience options.

Year 4

Advanced Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry, together with special topics. BSc students also undertake a 16-week research project in the area of Biological Chemistry.


Work and study

This is what our BSc (Hons) Chemistry specialism: Biochemistry students are doing 15 months after graduating:

  • 45% are working
  • 35% are studying
  • 10% are working and studying.

In highly skilled work

  • 90% of those are in highly skilled work 15 months after graduating.


  • The average salary of students 15 months after graduating: £21000
  • The average UK salary of students 15 months after graduating from a similar course: £24000


These are the most common jobs students go into 15 months after graduating:

  • Science, engineering and technology associate professionals