The course

This industry-focused degree puts specialist business theory through a real-world filter to develop graduates who can add real value to any organisation.


This specialism is part of MA (Hons) International Business Management


This degree specialism puts functional areas of business and management alongside advanced Economics courses such as International Trade, Developmental Economics and Global Trends and Ethics. Our expert Economics faculty call on their industry experience and research-led knowledge to bring these enterprise subjects to life.

Course content

In Year 1 you will follow a common course in the principles and practices of modern international business management.

In Year 2 you will be introduced to functional areas of Business Management such as marketing, human resources, business law and economic policy. Then in Years 3 and 4, you will complete a number of optional and specialist courses which introduce advanced learning across the key principals of Human Resource Management from a global perspective.

Throughout your degree, you have the opportunity to take electives and options. Electives courses are a free choice from across the University portfolio and optional courses are a free choice from the Business Management portfolio.

Year 2

Semester 1 Semester 2
Operations Management Operations Management
Fundamentals of Marketing Enterprise: Concepts & Issues 
Quantitive Methods Business Skills (2)
Option or elective Option or elective

Optional courses available include: Business Entities, Marketing Perspectives, Retail Marketing

Year 3

Semester 1 Semester 2
Global Strategic Marketing Strategic Management
Logistics and Supply Chain Management Critical Approaches to Management
Resourcing and Talent Management Employment Law
Option Business Research Methods

Optional courses available include Business Venturing, Project Management, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Communications.

Year 4

Semester 1 Semester 2
International Business Strategy Execution
Employee Relations Changing Trends
Option Option
Dissertation Dissertation

Optional courses available include Business Ethics; Logistics; International Business Law; Management Science; Digital Marketing; and Diversity Management.


In highly skilled work

  • 75% of those are in highly skilled work 15 months after graduating.


  • The average salary of students 15 months after graduating: £23000
  • The average UK salary of students 15 months after graduating from a similar course: £24000


These are the most common jobs students go into 15 months after graduating:

  • Business and public service associate professionals
  • Managers, directors and senior officials
  • Information technology and telecommunications professionals