Food Science, Health and Nutrition

The most recent Research Excellence Framework (REF) assessed Food Science at Heriot-Watt as Top in Scotland. The subject is firmly grounded in the underlying biological science of food: we cover a wide remit from production of crops through to the health and safety concerns of the consumer.

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Our programmes offer different perspectives on food science, reflecting our research expertise, and are closely aligned with industry needs so you can develop a thorough understanding of the emerging issues in food science, nutrition and health, along with the skills and expertise to excel in this sector.

The inter-relationships between health and environmental and nutritional factors underpin the subject of Human Health at Heriot-Watt. Drawing on our expertise in toxicology, environmental medicine, physiology and nutrition we offer a unique curriculum across human health and disease.

We are a leading member of the Interface Food & Drink (IFD) Research Network, which works to meet the research and innovation needs of Scottish food and drink companies, and our wide ranging research covers topics including the physicochemical and functional properties of foods, beneficial food related phytochemicals, vaccine development for the aquaculture industry and the toxicology of food additives. Our human health related research falls into three main areas: nanomaterial safety assessment, human nutrition and molecular toxicology, and metabolic and cardiovascular health.