Earth Sciences at Heriot-Watt offers exciting novel opportunities for research and taught programmes that reflect our work on the global environmental science questions relevant to today.

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Understanding how the planet works, as a complex system of interactions and feedbacks between the atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, lithosphere and biosphere, is key to appreciating and tackling the environmental problems faced by the planet. Multidisciplinary science, strong communication skills and a global perspective are all crucial to address today’s environmental challenges. The next generation of Earth and Environmental scientists need a highly integrated level of fundamental, applied and communications based skills to identify, characterize and communicate complex environmental issues. Our teaching, as well as our research, are multi- and interdisciplinary, bringing together the natural sciences with social sciences, focusing on delivering new insights and solutions that are key to current natural and societal challenges.

Our taught courses recognises these challenges and aim to equip graduates with the understanding and the skills to be able to communicate such complex problems and solutions. Taught by research-active staff within the Institute of Life and Earth Sciences, including the Lyell Centre, where course content includes fresh material from recent and ongoing research projects, including industrial consultancy, with the opportunity for student projects to be based within leading UK research and outreach organizations such as the British Geological Survey and Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh.

Graduate employment opportunities

Graduate employment opportunities include positions in research, management and outreach, such as in the geosciences, energy, sustainability, conservation and natural environmental sectors, as well as public education, government policy development, and non-governmental organisations working in geosciences and the environment.