Chemical Sciences

The Institute of Chemical Sciences undertakes a broad range of leading research work in response to the needs of our modern technological society.

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The Institute of Chemical Sciences (ICS) research ranges from fundamental aspects of pure chemistry to interdisciplinary areas involving interactions with physics, biochemistry and applied science.

Our research finds applications in areas ranging from pharmaceuticals to polymers and from thermoelectrics to carbon capture. Our expertise links strongly to the biomolecular and material sciences and the energy and life science sectors, and we work collaboratively with colleagues in physics, applied science, materials engineering, biochemistry, and molecular biology.

The Institute supports postgraduate research across a number of areas including:

ICS offers excellent facilities and new research suites have been created for multinuclear NMR spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, molecular modelling/computational chemistry, polymer chemistry, laser chemistry and laser mass spectrometry.

PhD opportunities

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