Our international outlook has led to the creation of a range of accountancy programmes that aim to develop the skills required by the increasingly complex global accounting environment.

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All of our business-focused programmes will help you to develop an international perspective that will support your ambitions for a globally-focused career.

You will develop a critical understanding of the principal theories and concepts underpinning accountancy, and learn a range of contemporary accounting practices. You will also gain key skills which can be applied to a variety of organisational contexts.

Our partnership with Bloomberg

Heriot-Watt University is a named Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partner (ELP), a programme designed by Bloomberg to recognise universities that are leaders in experiential learning. 

Our partnership with Bloomberg, and the achievement of ELP status, is a mark of our innovative approach to connecting our teaching experience with real-life practical applications. Being a Bloomberg experiential learning partner allows Heriot-Watt and Edinburgh Business School to better integrate industry-leading data, research, news and analytics into our curricula.

The Bloomberg facility at Heriot Watt University is unique in Scotland and enables students from different disciplines of business to better understand different aspects of markets, business behaviours and economic trends. It enables:

  • Performance comparison between different companies or industries using: financial reports, company valuations, company news, company portfolios, key changes/trends. 
  • Supply chain analysis through company’s supply chain relationships that includes suppliers, customers and competitors. This enables managers to refine their supply chain configuration and strategy.
  • Market share analysis by providing key industry data, interactive charting and commentary by Bloomberg industry experts.  It also provides industry fundamental statistics, market share and other key industry specific metrics (i.e. retailers, airlines, global auto manufacturing, etc.)
  • Strategic portfolio analysis through creating portfolios against markets and market positions, allocation of asset and performance attribution analysis.
  • Accounting and Financial analysis by providing financial history of companies and indices including current and historical income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, ratio analysis and more.  

Accounting research

In addition, our programmes are supported by leading research in the subject, spearheaded by our Accounting Research Centre (ARC) which focuses on the relationship between the accounting profession, governance and society, and explores these areas from a variety of perspectives, historical analysis, gender issues, public sector contexts and interdisciplinary approaches.