Part-time and seasonal jobs

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Undertaking work while studying will help you to develop transferable skills (such as team work, communication, problem solving, customer service, organisation and planning). It will also allow you to meet new people, develop your English if it's not your first language and provide valuable experience to add to your CV.

There are many opportunities in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas when it comes to part-time or vacation work. Jobs within pubs, shops, restaurants and catering are all frequently filled by students and are usually the easiest jobs to find. During the Edinburgh Festival a lot of casual work is available in the city including work in public relations, marketing, technical venue work, ticket sales as well as an increase in the availability of general bar, restaurant and hotel jobs.

You can find part-time and seasonal vacancies on the following websites:

You never know, it might pay off to approach e.g. shops, bars and hotels, with copies of your part-time CV and simply ask if they have any opportunities.